EKR GmbH - the company with many years of experience

Willkommen bei EKR Elektro-Kontakt Radebeul GmbH

Your specialist for press-welded and riveted expansion bands, earth straps and electromechanical components for the power industry and switchgear construction.
We can assure you, that as our customer you made the right choice: You can count on a high performing and fl exible business combination!

The chronicle of the company's over 70 years:

1936 the company was founded by Max Kunze

1959renamed in Max Kunze KG

1972 incorporated in a state-owned company of Konfama Radebeul

1980renamed in VEB Elektrokontakt Dresden, BT Radebeul

1984renamed in VEB Plastvorbereitung und Schweißtechnik Dresden, BT Radebeul

1990 trust administration by EKR Radebeul GmbH

1993 joined the corporate community of the Walter Kraus GmbH and consequently the beginning of the complete modernization of the factory premises and the machinery

We are ISO 9001 certified

Our current range of products manufactured by modern machinery: